Gemma Noble


Gemma Noble is a 22 year old from the countryside outside Edinburgh. After a course in Interior design, Gemma decided to use her transferable skills to study events.

 She has a keen interest in Art and music and is our most creative members. Her creative skills have been a great asset during marketing our events and coming up with new and innovative ideas.

 Her confident and approachable nature helps to motivate the team and follow through projects. She is a valued member of the Aurora events team

Previous Events

ELJAM Events Organiser

Hostess Heidi at the Highland Bierfest

Function Waitress at The Open Arms Hotel

Mothers Day Mixers Organiser

Enchanted Forest Dinner Organiser

Fringe by the Sea Bar Staff

H-Events Hostess (Ryder Cup and Perth Races)

SubSea Exposition and Banquet at the AECC

HIT Scotland Dinner Auction Assistant

Perth Races




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